Publicado el 11/11/2019

SUN.EXPERT provides you with affordable kit-size thermovoltaics build for life, made from non-toxic materials,  sun heating (up to 270ºC) with 75% solar performance, up to 1200ºC peak, and sun cooling (down to -20ºC) recycling all your solid wastes (including plastics) as well as your sewage waters, allowing zero emissions, plus is combustion-free. The energy is simply continuously stored in jumbo bag/s, with automatic load to the system ready for use 24h/day, 7d/week while the sewage distilled waters are stored in tanks to be reused.

These are the best universal tools for global warming decelaration by increasing at the same time self-sustainability to all.


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The Linear Mirror was developed by Hans Grassmann and is produced by his spin-off company Isomorph SUN.EXPERT brings it to you installed including 5 years Warranty